TracePack provides a solution from the exit of the filler, flow wrapper, form fill and seal machines all the way to palletisation. TracePack’s inkjet marking and coding systems feature low running and maintenance costs, resulting in a cost-effective solution to FMCG coding, our wide range of labelers and print & apply systems ensure that we can take care of our clients’ end-to-end marking, identification, and coding needs

TracePack’s in-house automation solution can manufacturer custom-built conveyors and customise marking, coding and labeling systems to ensure seamless integration into production lines. Our industrial laser solutions are easy to install and use, and with the addition of a marking workstation a safe operating environment is provided. TracePack’s large character printing systems take this type of application a step further and allow industrials to print on a wide range of porous and non-porous boxes.

Continuous Inkjet Systems

The continuous inkjet (CIJ) method is used commercially for marking and coding products and packages. Our BestCode inkjet printers print high speed, reliable lot/date, sell-by date, and other identifying marks and codes on a wide range of substrates – including plastic, glass, paper and more.

Thermal Inkjet Systems

Thermal inkjet (TIJ) solutions were developed in collaboration with our customers to provide maximum dependability for a smooth running production process. Polymer thermal inkjet inks are unique as they contain polymer resins, meaning our inks not only stick to non-porous substrates but are difficult to rub and scratch off – making them ideal for many applications on plastic, glass, and most metals.

These reliable and robust industrial printing systems guarantee brilliant prints with up to 600dpi – even at high speeds. They can be operated as standalone printers, or in combination with other inkjet marking solutions. A new range of HACCP direct food contact inks and edible UV invisible inks for fruit and vegetables, baked products and confectionery is now available.

Label Applicators and Systems

Industrial label applicators and Systems offer the most reliable, on-demand labeling solutions for any industry. They perform even in the most difficult conditions. We have eight models for your every need in terms of productivity and production line speed and are available in various widths. Our label applicators can be equipped with several applicators including “wipe-on” for contact labeling or pneumatic for air-blast labeling. ARCA models of label applicators are available for the application of xxself-adhesive labels on every kind of product.

Print & Apply Labellers

TracePack print & apply systems are Italian-engineered, high-quality machinery for real-time printing on your product or packaging. We have 4 print & apply labeler models, including Arca LinerPlus for traditional self-adhesive labels as well as Linerless for self-adhesive labels without backing paper. TracePack’s print & apply labelers are guaranteed to keep up with your production lines with dispensing speeds ranging from 150mm/sec to 400mm/sec. Able to satisfy every labeling requirement in term of productivity and production line speed, our labelers can be equipped with several applicators: “wipe on” for contact labeling application, or pneumatics for air blast labeling application.

Laser Coding & Marking

TracePack coding lasers are sold to manufacturers of packaged goods in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, FMCG and many more. These markets are characterized by mainly being served by form, fill and seal equipment, and include packaged goods markets (especially ready meals, snack foods, and beverages), personal and household care, and industrial markets (including aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical devices).

TracePack Macsa product range includes small character coding lasers, CO2 lasers, and specialist film and foil coding lasers which are available in various power version ranging from 10W to 80W. We also supply a choice of lenses and optics specific for the packaged goods market. These lasers can be used to mark best-before dates and other alphanumeric codes to product packaging.

 Laser scoring, cutting and perforating systems are used to score, slit and cut plastic films and foils used in flexible packaging, as well as for perforating plastic film used in the packaging of fresh food, enabling such packaging to be porous and its contents to continue to ripen and not spoil.

High Resolution & Large Character Printing

TracePack large character printing systems can print on most porous and non-porous surfaces, traditionally used for carton marking applications, these systems take coding a step further and are also able to print on wood, concrete, construction material, and textiles.

Our specific solvent-based inks allow you to print on non-porous surfaces such as plastics with impressive print quality and quick drying time. Our systems combined with appropriate fluids are capable of printing onto EPS products.

A full range of ALE high-resolution colour printing systems has been developed with the options of a two-spot colour coding system to fulfil your printing needs to become GHS/CLP compliant or a full-colour CMYK system to print colour logos needs for customized packaging solutions. A wide range of REACH Regulation compliant fluids are available in a huge variety of colours and shades, offering high performance in terms of contrast barcoding and readability on porous or non-porous surfaces

TracePack offers a complete solution, and packaging and labeling systems, they are reliable, state of art, use only the marker leading brands, we have tried and proven all systems in almost every industry.

TracePack can convey it, pack it, code it, mark it, track it, scan it, verify and authenticate it.

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