Our automatic and semi-automatic labeling systems are focused on the requirements of the pharmaceutical, healthcare, food & beverage, chemical and electronics industries. Automatic labeling solutions provide labelling of vials, ampoules and pre-filled syringes, while our semi-automatic labelling solutions are suited to the labelling of flat bottles used in the cosmetic, personal care and medical product industries, as well as round bottle labelling which is suitable for wrap-around labelling in small quantities.

Automatic Labeling Systems

Automatic labeling systems are reliable and operate at high speeds.PPS offers the following automatic labellers:

  • Rotary labellers are designed for high precision labelling of small pharmaceutical bottles such as vials, ampoules and syrup medicine bottles and bottles that cannot stand on their own.
  • Pre-filled syringe labellers are specially designed for the packaging process of pre-filled syringes. The system does wrap around labeling on the syringe and also assemble the plunger-rod at the same time.
  • Horizontal labelling system is a flexible labelling system for narrow cylindrical containers, the trunnion conveyors ensures high speed labelling and extra precision, labelled syringes are collected at the exit of the machine or an optional integrate tray inserted can be used to collect other cylindrical labelled containers.
  • Vial Labelers can completely solve the problem of bottle breaking and missing labels and provides high-speed labelling solutions at speeds of over 700 vials/min.
  • Vertical round bottle labelling system is the ideal, economic choice for the pharmaceutical, food and beverages, and daily chemicals industries for labelling on round containers that can stand upright stably. This system can automatically detect label size and bottle diameter and determine the correct parameters for the fast changeover of products.

Semi-Automatic Labeling Systems

Targeting the requirement on pharmaceutical, food and beverage, daily chemical and electronic industries. Our economic semi-automatic series includes semi-automatic flat bottle labelling machine, semi-automatic round bottle labelling machine and semi-automatic tube labeling machine.

  • Semi-auto high precision labeling machine is used for labeling of small flat surface that requires extra positioning precision such as memory cards, electronic parts, PCB’s etc. Unique mechanism to eliminate air bubbles softly to avoid scratching the label surface.
  • Semi-auto round bottle labeling machine is suitable for wrap-around labeling on round bottles in small quantity and with high labeling precision and quality requirements. Also, able to handle bottles with orientation requirements.
  • Semi-auto labelling machine for flat bottles is designed for simple labelling application on flat bottles for the cosmetics, personal care products and medical products industries.
  • Semi-auto soft tube labelling machine offers a simple and reliable method for labeling on empty unsealed soft-tubes in small quantities. Using a mandrel to overcome the softness of the tube for labeling, the system offers consistent high labeling quality and precision. Change of material is also easy with the change of the mandrel. The system is also able to handle labeling with orientation with an optional attachment.
  • Vertical cartoning system is designed for inserting products from the top of the carton, suitable for many industries such as pharmaceutical, food & beverage, stationery, toys, electronic devices etc. In vertical cartoning, product entry is achieved by gravity which is simple and suitable for many difficult-to-insert products. In the semi-auto mode, product placement is done manually while all carton handling is done automatically.

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