Two Johannesburg-based moms, Patricia Bwalya Welmans and Mimi Kalinda recently launched SliqKidz, a haircare range specifically formulated for afro and mixed-race kids.

SliqKidz began in the two moms’ kitchens, where they mixed natural and food-grade ingredients for use on their own kids’ hair. Since then, the brand has been shared with and reviewed by peers and others in their community. Insights from these reviews were considered when the first batch of products were commissioned for manufacturing and the full range now includes a shampoo and three deep conditioners, which are all sulphate-free.

“As moms to afro kids with varying curl types and needs, we struggled to find affordable shampoo and conditioners for our children, products that addressed the needs of black and mixed-race hair”, said Patricia Welmans, one of the Co-Founders. “We believe that kids of colour deserve to have access to hair products that take their delicate needs into consideration.  Afro hair also requires frequent deep conditioning and moisture to stay healthy and manageable.”

The conditioners are made with ingredients indigenous to Africa and cater to different hair needs. The Baobab oil and lemongrass deep conditioner is best suited for oily hair and the Kalahari melon seed and orange oil deep conditioner works well for dry hair, while kids with normal hair can use the Marula oil and rose geranium deep conditioner.

About us

SliqKidz is an affordable range of hair products specially formulated for kids with afro and mixed-race hair with awesome curls produced in South Africa. Made by moms who understand the intricate struggles of caring for mixed-race and afro hair, SliqKidz is available for purchase online via the website

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