Atlas Copco proudly introduces a new generation of ZB 5 – 6 VSD+ magnetic bearing turbo blowers, one of the most efficient oil-free turbo blowers on the market. Featuring a unique design, proven efficiency as well as insensitivity to process changes, the ZB proves incomparable in both reliability and lifetime.

The ZB magnetic bearing technology is extremely strong and ensures safe operation regardless of the environment. The shaft is always fully controlled due to the magnetic force which constantly adjusts its position.

Another great advantage of using the magnetic bearing turbo technology is that no air is used from the system to operate the machine. Compared to other technologies, this makes the machine independent from downstream conditions which may prevail as a result of any operation trouble. Additionally, with this new generation of machines, Atlas Copco has developed technology that does not require a power bank in the case of power failure, making the ZB one of the most straight forward magnetic bearing blower ever produced.

By implementing two important principles – maintaining the air intake temperature to a minimum and inducing as few resistances as possible to the air passing through each component – the ZB units contribute drastically reduced electricity consumption. As there is a direct connection from the ambient air to the impeller, without any disturbance, the ambient air temperature and the intake air temperature in the impeller are equal. Owing to decades of rotating equipment design and the development of the most advanced calculators, an optimal air flow is delivered resulting in even more savings for customers and end-users.

Every compressor and blower manufacturer has a unique measuring method which makes comparing turbo blowers difficult and confusing. With clear communication and commitment a core value, the Atlas Copco Oil-Free Air Division’s motive is very simple; customers receive what they are quoted and they are given information on exactly which flow and pressure Atlas Copco machines will produce for the respective processes as well as how much electricity will be consumed.

“All components are selected with the same goal in mind, namely to offer customers reliable, highly efficient and continuous operation for all kinds of applications in different industry segments such as wastewater treatment, pneumatic conveying, food & beverage as well as flue gas desulphurization,” states JC Lombard, Business Line Manager at Atlas Copco Oil-free Air Division. “The ZB turbo blowers are ISO 8573-1 Class Zero certified, safeguarding the quality of your end product by preventing oil contamination.”

“While magnetic bearing technology may be perceived as complex, it is in fact quite simple and Atlas Copco technicians can easily explain how customers and end-users can turn complexity into simplicity and reliability for all their projects,” concludes Lombard.