Mimbee is a little bee-like character that flew into South African stores, and our hearts, in 2015 and has grown ever since. Starting off as an affordable kids watch brand, Mimbee now offers not only funky and colourful watches but children’s’ sunglasses and other gifting products too, in over 200 stores around the country!

Mimbee brought with him many of his fun character friends in the form of hardy silicon snap-watches, to help kids learn the concept of time, enjoy having a child-friendly accessory and also look cool on the playground! There’s Robbie RaceCar, Sammy Starfish & Bella Butterfly among many others. Which one do you want?

The great thing about snap watches is that the child can attach and remove the watch easily and safely themselves, and the strong silicon cases can withstand the rough-and-tumble rigours of playtime.

For those first learning to tell time, Mimbee has the TimeTeach range of watches. Their dials are designed to simply help indicate the amount of minutes ‘past’ or ‘to’ the next hour, and with subtle colouring and patterns they can be a great accessory to school uniforms. For more information on how these dials look, why not check them out on our Facebook page @mimbeekids

The nature of the Mimbee range lends itself very well to gifting and for that reason it has expanded into other accessories such as kiddies’ sunglasses with UV 400 protection. These fold into cute little animal shapes that can fit into pockets or backpacks. Then there is the new ‘Colour-In Watch Set’. It consists of a flat white digital watch that the child can colour in using the khoki pens included.

As the Mimbee range of products grow, so does its fan base, and many enjoy the competitions and activities that are promoted online, in magazines and at events. So don’t delay, join Mimbee and his friends by liking his Facebook page, following him on Instagram or get your hands on one of these cute and fun products. You can find them at Game & Toys R Us stores nationwide and at selected independent retailers.

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