Virtual Gas Network is a division of CNG Holdings, VIRTUAL GAS NETWORK supplies compressed natural gas through its virtual gas distribution network. This is a reliable commercial-scale supply of natural gas in South Africa, the network is available to businesses anywhere within a 300-km radius of Johannesburg.

Through this innovative modular road transport system, VIRTUAL GAS NETWORK can safely and economically transport natural gas to refuelling stations, gas distribution networks, industries, power generation systems, as well as to customers who are not on an existing gas pipeline.

The trailer road distribution system is specifically designed to provide solutions for:

  • Customer who are remotely situated from an existing pipeline
  • Large industrial/ commercial customers within a 300km radius from a compression station (mother station) in Langlaagte, 5km west of the Johannesburg CBD
  • Smaller customers that will form part of a larger distribution network, such as industrial parks, housing developments, and mixed-use developments.

VIRTUAL GAS NETWORK provides Natural Gas for various purposes, including, but not limited to; Heating & cooling, power generation, furnaces, boilers, dries and mining equipment. Natural gas which emits up to 27% less CO2 and other GHGs than other fossil fuels will play a critical role in assisting companies adequately revise their energy models in light of this the Carbon Tax Bill.

VIRTUAL GAS NETWORK has already converted canneries, hospitals, manufacturing and assembly plants across a range of industries, as well as fleets of warehouse forklifts in various storage and various applications of Natural Gas.


NGV Gas, a division of CNG Holdings, provides Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as an alternative fuel for vehicles. In comparison to petrol, diesel and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), CNG is cleaner and more cost effective.

NGV is enabling the growth of gas-powered transport in South Africa through a rapidly expanding compressed natural gas distribution network of standalone and in-house fuelling stations in Gauteng and soon in KwaZulu-Natal too.

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