Four SA celebs team up with Trolls to bring happiness to Mzansi

A specially designated Happiness Squad is bringing Trolls Magic to Mzansi this year! Together with Rachel Kolisi, Brent Lindeque, Sureshnie Rider and Moshe Ndiki, the Trolls Happiness Squad is inviting South Africans to submit their wishes and over the next few weeks the team will work to make wishes come true.

How to enter your wish? During November and December, look out for the Trolls Happiness Squad in various shopping centres around the country, or submit your wish, up to the value of R10,000, via the Trolls Mzansi social media pages ( and, using the hashtag #TrollsMzansi). Each wish will be randomly selected by the Happiness Squad.

Happiness is contagious and passing it on is the perfect gift and the Trolls Happiness Squad is creating colour and joy, one community at a time! In today’s world, which is largely driven by negativity and fear, Trolls Mzansi shows that each of us can bring about positive change through our actions, by doing the right thing, and helping others, even when faced with formidable challenges.

The Happiness Squad selected influencers Rachel, Brent, Sureshnie and Moshe because of their Troll-like characteristics and their contagious happiness: 

  • Rachel’s “Troll-mate” is the irrepressible Poppy, because they both share the same optimistic, kind and happy energy.
  • The ideal Troll-mate for Brent is none other than Branch, the survivalist, because he is prepared, practical and a real big softy at heart.
  • Moshe is none other than Guy Diamond, the dynamic troll! Just like his troll alter-ego, Moshe is flashy, fun and fearless.
  • Finally, can you guess who Sureshnie’s Troll-mate is? None other than DJ Suki! Besides the fact that they can both always be counted on to lay down some beats, they’re both really sweet, understanding and totally loveable!

The Trolls Happiness squad will be at

Killarney Mall on 15th – 18th November 

Cosmo City Mall – 15th – 18th November 

so make sure you go make a wish!

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