Most mothers want to give their little ones the best possible start in life, but don’t feel adequately equipped with the knowledge necessary to provide the grounding. During your child’s first four years of life, up to 80% of your child’s brain potential is established, which means that your role as a parent is vital during this period. The foundations of your child’s education are built during this time, and you, as a parent, play a fundamental role in the establishment of these building blocks.

Toptots Mother and Child Workshops have been empowering parents with the skills and knowledge necessary to prepare their children for school and for life for over twenty years.  Lessons of an hour-and-a-half once a week provide parents with the opportunity to spend quality time with their children in a warm, friendly and secure environment.  During our classes, parents learn how to teach their own children vital skills such as crossing the midline, bilateral hand function, problem-solving, auditory and visual discrimination and much more, as all classes are guided by a trained teacher using age-appropriate and fun activities. This provides both parents and children with a positive enriching experience during which they may bond and grow together.  Creative activities, messy play, music time are all part of the package, as well as time for the children to learn to interact with one another on a social level.


If you would like to attend a free Toptots workshop in order to see for yourself how you can begin your child’s education at home and ensure that he or she is adequately prepared for the school environment, then go to our website – – for a branch nearest to you.  Saturday classes are also available at some of our branches for the working parent.

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