It’s why we created Squish purées, juices and ready-to-eat jellies with 100% fruit and veg. And no nasty colourants, artificial flavourants, starch, preservatives or gelatine.  This means your little one’s food adventures will be filled with the right stuff; and nothing else.  With so much to discover, you can go on a flavourful food adventure with your baby every day.

With our Squish puree range, we’ve created five adventures to help with the different weaning stages:

  • Adventure One: Get your little one started on their own food adventures with single fruit or veg flavours to introduce their palettes to whole new worlds.
  • Adventure Two: Once your little one is familiar with basic flavours, try combining fruit and veg, and watch as you create curiosity for new, exciting things. Squish Butternut, Carrot & Sweet Potato Puree does It all for you, no mess, no fuss. And It contains only 100% fruit and veg so your little one’s food adventures will be filled with the right stuff, and nothing else.
  • Adventure Three: It’s time to start introducing dairy, proteins and carbs. Try adding Squish 100% fruit or veg to baby’s pasta, rice, meat or yoghurt. Give baby everything they need to start the next stage of their food adventure, and know that with Squish, your little one won’t be exposed to any flavourants, preservatives or colourants.
  • Adventure Four: Breakfast is a beautifully social time of the day. And now’s the time to get your little one to join you at the table. Why not try mixing their baby cereal with Squish Summer Berries puree – packed with 100% fruit and veg, Squish purees are a great way to start the day.
  • Adventure Five: Having baby join regular meal times will help establish routines which will stay with baby for life. They might not always go to plan, but keep it interesting by introducing different flavours and textures, and baby will soon get the hang of it. If you’re looking for ideas, try our Pear & Sweet Potato, or Banana & Prune combos.

Going on a thirsty adventure? Make sure that baby stays hydrated by drinking lots of liquids, especially water, throughout the day. Why not also try adding Squish pressed juice on your next trip out? It’s 100% fruit and veg and is completely free of nasties like preservatives.

And for a little snack or treat, why not try one of our Squish ready-to-eat jellies? They’re 100% fruit and completely free of nasties, like gelatine, preservatives or colourants.

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